Unified Bowling Point System for Lettering (Must have 20 to letter)

Practice on Time 1 point
Attend Team Dinners and Bring Food 1 point
Must be in academic standing.
No "F's" during season
5 points
Show improvement during season 1 point
Be of good character, a teammate, and
a team player
1 point
Participate in meets 1 per each
Contributes to the team's success 1 point
Perfect attendance 5 points
No team rule violations and no reports
from the office or teachers
2 points
Returns all equipment on time 1 point
Works concessions 1 per event
Bake Sale 1 point
Other 1 point
Keep a 2.5 GPA throughout season 1 point
Make second quarter honor roll 2 points
Have parent release and physical
turned in
2 points
Won games 1 for each game
6 game series won 1 for each series
Points Possible over 40