January 20, 2015

Pershing, Morton, Sandoz, and Bryan Elementary Schools have been battling it out since October in a staff weight loss competition. Each school put together a team, and each week people weighed in with their team coordinator. January 12th was our last weigh in, and these are the final results. Results were calculated as percent lost. It was a very successful challenge, and we had 74 participants altogether. Challenges like this are a great way to get a jump start on fitness and/or weight loss goals!

OVERALL SCHOOL WINNER=  Pershing with 4.82%

Top 10 weight loss winners:

1)    Tricia Regelin (Pershing)
2)    Jennifer Rikli (Pershing)
3)    Amy Schroeder (Morton)
4)    Kaylee Colter (Bryan)
5)    Tracy Naylor (Pershing)
6)    Becky Mustard (Pershing)
7)    Melissa Stewart (Pershing)
8)    Ashlee Snow (Pershing)
9)    Sarah German (Pershing)
10)  Brandy Popken (Morton)

Submitted by Kris Thorell