4000 Series Policies


4001 Intentionally Left Blank

4002 Drug Free Workplace

4003 Drug Policy Regarding Drivers

4004 Employment of Relatives, Domestic Partners and Significant Others

4005 Communication Between the Board and District Employees

4006 Insurance

4007 Personnel Records

4008 Outside Employment

4009 Restrictions on Employees Receiving Gratuities

4010 Inclement Weather

4011 Family and Medical Leave Act

4011.1 Nebraska Family Military Leave Act

4012 Staff Internet and Computer Use

4013 Intentionally Left Blank

4014 Employment-Related Sexual Harassment

4015 Prohibition Against Employment of Board Members

4016 Jury Duty/Service as Witness in Court

4017 Relations with Employee Collective Bargaining Associations

4018 Corporal Punishment

4019 Workplace Injury Prevention and Safety Committee

4020 Ownership of Copyrighted Works

4022 Certification and Endorsements

4023 Professional Ethics

4024 Teachers' Rights, Responsibilities and Duties

4025 Responsibilities of the Superintendent

4027 Part-Time Certified Employees

4028 Substitute Teachers

4029 Salary Schedule for Certificated Employees

4030 Evaluation of Certificated Employees

4031 Evaluation of Probationary Certified Employees

4032 Professional Growth

4033 Superintendent Evaluation

4034 Staff Handbook

4037 Reduction in Force

4038 Classified Staff Defined

4039 Employment of Classified Staff

4040 Employment Terms for Classified Staff

4041 Staff Dress and Appearance

4042 Employee Social Security Numbers

4043 Professional Boundaries Between Employees and Students

4044 Political Activity by Staff Members

4045 Milk Expression

4046 Internet Searches Regarding Potential Employees

4047 Intentionally Left Blank

4048 Assessment Administration and Security

4049 Reimbursement for Tuition and National Board Certification

4050 Overtime and Compensatory Time

4051 Staff and District Social Media Use

4052 Job References to Prospective Employers

4053 Routine Directory Information Concerning Employees

4054 Organizational Chart

4055 Chain of Command-District Administration

4056 Confidentiality in Counseling and Guidance

4057 Voluntary Separation Incentive Program

4058 Wellness Leave Policy

4059 Suicide Prevention Training

4060 Resignation of Certificated Staff

4061 School Vehicle Use

4062 Conflict of Interest-Employees

4063 Workplace or Non-Workplace Injuries or Illness and Return to Work

4064 Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect