2nd Semester English 2/3 Hanaphy

January 15, 2016

Second semester is upon us and all of the students are (not) happy to be back! They really don’t mind it but it wouldn’t be high school without a little complaining right? Anyway, our sophomore and junior classes are well underway in our second semester units, and here’s what they’re studying right now.

Our 10th graders looked at career choices, did mock interviews, and took career assessments that first week back ahead of our career day on February 9th. We are now moving on with a graphic novel, Maus, which will hopefully go down well as it is unique, captivating, and moving. 

The junior classes began a multi-cultural unit with some Irish short stories (yes, I’m biased). We are currently preparing for the NESA writing test and then will finish out our multi-cultural unit with more short stories and a movie too.

After that we will be focusing, in both classes, on the dreaded research paper. It’ll be fine though. It’s often more daunting in anticipation rather than when we’re actually going through it.