Agriculture and Welding Classes

February 18, 2014


Below are some highlights of recent and upcoming activities in the High School welding and agriculture classes:

  • Six of the students in the welding classes went to North Platte on February 12th to compete in the FFA district  welding contest.  We do know from preliminary numbers that we did very well, but will not know the final results until after this article goes to press.  The top three of these welders will be competing at the state welding contest in Lincoln in April.
  • We have three agriculture classes.  Two are freshmen classes studying Introduction to Agriculture and Natural Resources and the third is for upper level students who have been studying Conservation of Natural Resources and Environmental issues as they relate to agriculture.
  • Things are heating up in the greenhouse. (Literally, as the heat was turned on this week).  By the time you read this we will have dozens of ornamental grasses growing and over 150 hanging flower baskets (with plants in them) started.  In addition to the hundreds of ornamental grasses we will start from seed, we have on order 2,300 ornamental grass plants consisting of 23 different varieties of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  These, along with all of the other plants propagated in the greenhouse, will be sold to the public or used to landscape the school grounds as part of the GreenSchools grant we received.  Of course, will also have many varieties of tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and you name it, to sell as an FFA fundraiser.
  • The FFA is gaining traction with activities.  There this month, students helped serve at Fairbank's annual BBQ, February 19th, a group is attending the Cattlemen's Convention in Kearney, March 4th, a group will be going to Curtis to compete in an Envirothon competition, we'll again serve at the Lexington Chamber of Commerce's Agriculture Banquet in March, and we will also be going to the State FFA Convention in Lincoln in April.
  • Lastly, come May, Mr. Schott, will have completed his two years of classes to become a bonafide, certified, know-it-all teacher!  Okay, so the know-it-all part already existed, but now I'll have paper to prove the other part stating, "time to start payments on your student loans."