American Cancer Society Daffodil Days 2013

January 16, 2013

Daffodil Sunday is March 10. The daffodil is the first flower of spring and is chosen by the American Cancer Society because it represents hope-hope for a community free of cancer. Money raised from this event goes to support the American Cancer Society's research, education and patient service programs.

The American Cancer Society is calling upon you to participate in this very special project. You are invited to order fresh cut daffodils for friends and loved ones as tributes, memorials or gifts. In addition to flowers, the American Cancer Society is offering collectible Daffodil Days bears and vases for your enjoyment. Costs are $10, $15 or $25.

Mr. Gruntorad's class will be in charge of this fundraiser and will be the main contact group. The class will be coming to each homeroom to hand out a flyer and additional information for teachers and students to read. Orders must be completed by February 20 and orders will be delivered on March 8. If interested please contact Mr. Gruntorad's class. Thank you for your support in this event of HOPE in finding a cure for cancer.

Mr. Gruntorad's class will also be featured on KRVN along with 4 newspapers for this special event. We look forward to helping our community and serving this great cause.