Apartment Management Students Make Fruit Pizza

February 19, 2014


Macintosh HD:Users:diannekarges:Desktop:DSCN0279.JPGStudents in Apartment Management spend 7th period on most Fridays learning to cook.  They have learned how to make everything from vegetable soup (chopping all the vegetables) to shrimp scampi (peeling the raw shrimp) to cheesecake (from scratch) to smoothies.  In this photo, the students arranged the fruit in a beautiful design for fruit pizza.  The reward for hard work comes when they get to eat the assignment!

Apartment Management students are upper classmen who learn important skills needed to survive when they move out on their own.  This includes how to find and rent an apartment, how to make and keep a budget, how to find and keep a job, how to keep yourself healthy and understand insurance.  Needless to say, their favorite day of the week is when they can practice their cooking skills in the kitchen.  The year culminates when they make all the food for the senior party for students with disabilities in May.