Heart Disease

November 9, 2012


The number one leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease.  This is followed by cancer and chronic lower respiratory illnesses, respectively.  It is hard to believe that a country that has top-notch health care, relatively clean environments, and a plethora of options for staying physically active would be struggling with heart disease.  However, it is ultimately up to each individual and how they choose to live their daily lives. Unfortunately, many Americans do not schedule time for daily exercise, and also choose unhealthy foods.  Sedentary lifestyles (being inactive) and poor nutrition are the leading causes of heart disease today.The United States is a unique country that allow its citizens to choose where they want to live, what they want to become professionally, as well as how to live their lives each day.   However, along with this freedom of choice comes responsibility.  It is each person's responsibility to stay healthy.  The only way to development and maintain a healthy lifestyle is to stay active and have proper nutrition.  Following these two rules will greatly reduce a person's chances of developing heart disease.