Help Restore Hope

March 12, 2013

A new club has formed at Lexington High School under the name Help Restore Hope.  This group was begun by junior JoAnna Arreola with the goal to raise money for families in Haiti.  This group is concerned that people are still devastated and not getting enough to eat after the many hurricanes that have struck Haiti in recent years. Help Restore Hope is planning to send the money they raise to an organization called Hope for Haiti.  This group is accredited and sends 97% of their money to Haiti relief efforts.  

Fund raisers so far have been bake sales during basketball games.  Members have met to bake Rice Krispie bars and Puppy Chow to sell at the games.  Sales from fund raisers have totaled over $200 so far and plans are being made to consider future fund raisers.  If anyone is interested in helping this group or donating, contact JoAnna Arreola or Mrs. Karges.  Help Restore Hope for people in Haiti with us!