History with Mr. Peterson

September 26, 2014

Social Studies students in Mr. Peterson's class are off to a great start this fall.  Junior students taking Mr. Peterson's World History class are wrapping up a five-week unit that has covered the three big religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Students have found in studying the beginning stages of these religions that many characteristics of these religions still are significant in today's culture.  Starting next week students will get to focus on the development of medieval European nation states.

In American History I freshmen students just finished learning about the Constitution and how it affects their daily lives. Students were eager to ask questions about specific Bill of Rights and how it applies to different scenarios in life.  Coincidently last week was Constitution Day nationwide and it was a reminder to the students of just how special the Constitution is and that 227 years later it is still the supreme law of the land.  This week we have transitioned into studying the new republic after the Constitution was ratified.  The last few days students have studied characteristics of each of America's first political parties in the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans. Today they will begin writing about which party they would support if they lived during that time period and validate their arguments of why they would stand behind that party.

Everything we do in history class starts with us putting ourselves within the context of the time period and asking ourselves what is significant and why it is relevant to know today.  Students in American History I would tell you that they found out quickly when putting themselves within the context of America under the Articles of Confederation by reading primary documents that how people wrote back then is a little bit different than today!