Honors Students Work with Xtranormal

December 19, 2012

Mr. Carnes' American History Honors students recently concluded a project using the new website Xtranormal.  Xtranormal is a website that allows student to create movies using a variety of characters, settings, and sound effects. 

Students paired up to present on various topics from Teddy Roosevelt to the Panama Canal to early airplanes to the Jim Crow South. 

To use Xtranormal a student can either dictate orally what he wants his or her character to say or the student can type the script.   They can choose from over one thousand movie characters and can present in a wide variety of languages and accents.   For example, two students in Mr. Carnes' class, Josue Ayala and Brayden Benjamin, had two soccer players revealing the story of the Panama Canal.   Other students chose a character similar to Jason from Friday the 13th and others chose Teddy Roosevelt himself. 

"I enjoyed working with Xtranormal, " said Josue Ayala, "It was a break from the routine and we got to show our creativity."