LHS Art Classes - Exciting new curriculum

October 29, 2013

Students in Art 1 and 3 have been busy with a new curriculum, which includes art history alongside art production (drawing and painting).  As students are learning about different art periods and cultures they are also producing their own works that coincide with the general themes throughout art history.  Below is a glimpse of the website used in Art 1 & 2, and Art 3 & 4.  The website can be found at:  www.lexhighschoolart.weebly.com

Art 1 students are currently learning about Ancient Egypt, and the use of the human figure within Egyptian art.  The students are in the midst of creating their own works, which are portrait drawings of iconic people of their choice.  Below is a student example by Hanna Ostrom.

Students in Art 3 started the year with the Renaissance and the use of perspective.  We've currently been discussing the Baroque movement and the use of drastic lighting and figurative gestures to evoke emotion in artwork.  The students have been working on pen & ink drawings illustrating a current issue or pop culture.  Below is a work in progress by Adrian  Acencio.