MAP Testing: The Joy of Seeing Our Students Progress

October 4, 2012

MAP testing is in full swing this year at the high school! Freshman, sophomore, and junior students take the MAP test in the fall and the spring.  The MAP test stands for Measure of Academic Progress.  The test focuses on student growth. 

The MAP test results are used in a variety of ways at the high school.  For example, students can see where their strengths and weaknesses are in reading and math.  Also, teachers can look at the results to help students better understand concepts in their classrooms.  In homeroom classes, students will be able to meet with their teachers to discuss their learning plan to help grow more in reading and math.  Some goals can include reading thirty minutes a day or going to their teachers for help when they do not understand a math concept. 

During Parent-Teacher Conferences, parents or guardians will be able to look at the MAP results to see how their child is doing.