Mr. Bell's World History Honors Class

February 18, 2014

Students in the World History Honors class were tasked to read a non-fiction book and then create a book trailer about it to try to "sell" the book to the rest of the class and myself.  The trailer would serve as the introduction to their presentation to the class at the end of last semester.  

The book trailer was to introduce the storyline and capture the essence of the book without giving too much away and ruining their presentation. Students were to find images, video clips and music and put them together to create the book's preview trailer.

Mauricio Fregoso, bought and read the book Prohibition Gangsters, by Marc Mappen, for his project in my class for the first semester of school.  Mauricio created a very good project.  So good, that I contacted Mr. Mappen about Mauricio's work.  Mr. Mappen loved the trailer and has asked Mauricio if he can share the book trailer with his publishers and post it on his Facebook account.  

We have really talented students at Lexington High School and it is really neat to see how our students' creativity and work is recognized and appreciated outside of the classroom.