Mr. Brockmoller's Art Classes

January 19, 2013

Students in Art 2 are learning the correct structure and dimensions of the human face.  We've been working on portrait drawings, with the end goal being a self-portrait watercolor painting.

In Painting class we've been working on color mixing.  Students have been challenged to mix all of their colors while only using the primary colors, red, blue and yellow.  In addition, the students are exploring the techniques of master impressionist painter, Claude Monet.

Students in Graphic design are working on clothing design, more specifically t-shirts.  The students are going through a multi-step process, in which they must come up with their idea, sketch it, scan the image into a digital file, and finally render the image using Adobe Illustrator.  One the image has been rendered the students will then create a silkscreen and be ready to mass-produce their design.