Mr. Frauen's American History II Class

May 14, 2014

Currently in American History II the students have been discussing the President Reagan era of the 1980's.  This goes from the 1980 election with a compare and contrast between Presidents Carter and Reagan.  As we progressed beyond the election, students began to look at the conservative policies of the Reagan administration.  Students have been looking at what conservative politics and policies were in the 1980's.   While looking at the Reagan Presidency, the students have had the opportunity to examine Reaganomics, Cold War Policy, and Reagan tax cuts.  Just yesterday they completed an in class discussion/debate on whether they believe that Reagan's first term was a success.  Answers varied between yes and no, as students reference tax-cuts, lowering inflation, wider gap between rich and poor, and only tax cuts for the rich.  Today the class discussion shifted to Reagan's second term and the issues that faced a second term president.  Even though President Reagan was easily re-elected, students addressed the fact that he still had his own scandal to deal with as President.