Mrs. Leporte's Classes

November 14, 2012


In anatomy class students have been studying the structure of bone and memorizing their names.  In the last week students have been learning how one bone can predict the length of another bone.  Because the bones of the body are proportional the students were given the hand of a person and they had to figure out the height of this person.  The hand was Shaq's.  Now students are looking at X-rays to learn about different fractures.



In Foundation of Leadership students are creating a story about themselves in an art form using a hand or hands.  We have learned about learning styles and how knowing their learning style can help students improve their performance in the classroom.  Our next topic is leadership.



In forensic class students have been studying bite marks and how they are used to identify bodies and are used as evidence in a criminal case.  In the case that the students have been working on, one of the suspects has a bite mark on their arm.  This last week students learned how to test a substance to see if it possesses a drug or not.