Mrs. Robinsons Spanish class

September 4, 2014

It is so important in life to set goals for yourself and to be able to challenge yourself to be better than you were before.  This is also an important philosophy in education.  One of the new things that all of the Spanish classes will be doing is setting goals at the beginning of a chapter/unit and then reflecting at the end of the chapter/unit if the student met his/her goal.  This is a very effective tool to use in class because it helps the student take ownership of what he/she is doing in class and what he/she is going to achieve.    It has been very effective in the classes because it helps the teacher and student work together as a team.  Below is an example of the form that is used digitally in class to create goals:

The Spanish classes have also begun working on their quarter project for first quarter.  The Spanish 2 advanced classes have been studying about Puerto Rico and The Spanish 1 advanced classes are studying about different social justice issues that are affecting the world today.  All the groups will be creating a PowerPoint to show the investigation they have done with each topic and then will be presenting it to the class for discussion. 

These are some of the exciting things that are being done in Mrs. Robinson's classes.  If you would like to visit please come so the student can share their ideas with you also.