March 9, 2015

Things are growing outside of the main high school building.  In January, the Greenhouse class, and both Introduction to Agriculture classes planted around 200 flower plants into hanging basket containers.  As you can see from the attached pictures, they are coming along.  The past two weeks, we have been planting thousands of flower seeds, of all varieties, into flats.  From now, up to May we will be taking the seedlings that sprouted from those seeds and transferring them into sellable containers.  Next week we will start planting vegetable seeds.  Mr. Schott is putting the finishing touches on an overhead watering system.  When done we will be able to water the whole greenhouse simply by turning the water on, and setting an automatic timer to shut it off.  We will also be able to water specific sections by manipulating all of the valves in the system.  This will be a huge time saver!  When the greenhouse is full, it typically takes an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon to water all of the plants. It is pretty cool…literally.  It’s like a rain forest when turned on.

We are making major strides in the FFA program.  Here are some highlights:  Many students have been attending the various career education contests the past three months.  There are 18 students attending the State FFA Convention in April.  We will have a full slate of 8 officers by the end of March.  They will be attending a two-day officer training program in Aurora towards the end of May.  Other events coming are, Baby Animal Day, serving at the Lexington Chamber of Commerce Farmer/Rancher Dinner, a couple of fun activities (last month we ate Pizza at Mr. Schott’s house by Johnson Lake and then went on to Arapahoe to watch “Unbroken” at the nice community theatre they have there.  And it only cost $1 each!)  Finally, we will be having our annual banquet either May 8th or 17th. 

Small Engines, is a new class this year.  The students tear down and put back together two different small engines.  That’s the easy part.  Learning how all of the parts work together, and what to do when they don’t is the “fun” part.  Oh, and after the engines are put back together, they need to start and run.  The first semester, we torn down four engines, put them back together, and they all started up on the first pull.  Wow. 

Please pass the word on our greenhouse sales. They will begin around May 1st.  If things go well we should have a good, healthy selection of all kinds of plants.  Until then, feel free to stop by to see what we are doing and breathe some freshly, plant processed, oxygen.