American History II

February 24, 2016

     In American History II we are currently studying the prosperous American Culture of the 1950’s.   The main objective of this chapter is to help students understand the economic, social, and cultural changes in postwar America.  Some of the topics include explaining the effects of the Cold War on American society, describing the effects of the baby boom and how American culture changed during the 1950’s.

     The American History classes have been watching videos, filling out guided readings and writing short essays over post war II America.  Students also seem to be enjoying the beat movement during the 50’s and how rock ‘n’ roll music clashed with middle class values.  We have addressed the challenges African Americans have faced in society and entertainment along with ways entertainers overcame those challenges.  We will continue over the next few weeks with President John F Kennedy and the impact he had on America and the Cold War.  Also, look at the civil rights movement and the efforts of minorities to gain equal rights to finish up the 3rd quarter.