College English I Movie Night

November 3, 2015

Carol Anderbery 

     Lights. Camera. Action.  We are not making movies, but watching them this semester and some of second semester for College English I.  After reading Pygmalion by British author George Bernard Shaw, the class had the opportunity to watch the modern version in a Hallmark movie The Makeover starring Julia Stiles and David Walton.  For this movie we were permitted to use the Majestic Theater, but not enough students came to make it worthwhile. Our next movie will be Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, which follows the reading of an article from our text Voices and Values called “Dare to Think Big” about Carson’s mother’s motivation to help her son succeed and make something of himself.  This movie will be open to all English 4 and College English I students and shown in the high school Community Room at 7:00 P.M. on November 12. 

     Currently the students in College English I are reading The Tale of Two Cities, Life of Pi, Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, Death on the Nile, or Unbroken.  During second semester, the students will watch a movie over the book and write a compare / contrast essay as part of a research project.  So, students can earn extra credit and enjoy a movie with classmates at least once a quarter.