Lexington High School Teachers Attend NETA Conference in Omaha

May 4, 2015

Last week 3 high school teachers, Mr. Frauen, Mr. Patocka and myself attended the Nebraska Educational Technology Association’s annual spring conference at the Century Link Convention center in Omaha.  The two day event was filled with over 150 break out sessions over everything from teaching students how to code,  how to get students more engaged in the classroom, or what were the latest tips & tricks in using Google’s Education App’s.   The Google session is always well attended as there are always new things to learn from Google’s apps.  One thing that is cool is that teachers can now use EdPuzzle.com to add questions and comments to YouTube videos so that students must be actively involved when watching the videos.  There is also an extension for your Chrome browser called Moveit that will prompt the students to do something physical to keep their blood pumping during class.  TagCloud is another add on in Chrome that will create word clouds from the text in a Google Document so students can see what words they are using the most.  I also learned how O’Neill Public Schools are using iAuthor, a free Apple application, to get students writing authentically.  They even showcased some of their students’ work and how it has been published in iTunes Bookstore!  These are some of the great ideas I hope to be able to incorporate into my classroom next year!