Mr. Bacon's PE/Health Classes at Lexington High School

November 10, 2014

     In our Conditioning class we are working on our basketball skills and doing games such as “Lightning” which is also known as a form of Knockout.  We have been toning up our dribbling skills with our famous game that we love to play, “Dribble Knockout” which each player must dribble a basketball in a certain area without another player knocking it away.  

     We are also supporting the community every Friday as we go to Strike & Spare Bowl Inc. and each student pays two dollars to play a game of bowling. Our students have a blast over there!  They show all of our values we push for at Lexington High such as: Compassion, Responsibility, Respect, and Honesty.  We keep the bowling area clean and organized as we are representing Lexington High School. 

     In our health class we have been going over the influences of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.  We include how these three issues are so drastic in our community.  We are covering the reasons why to stay away from each one of these negative substances.  These negative impacts can influence their families, their community, and most importantly themselves.