March 18, 2016

     As a Foundations of Leadership class, we recently participated in a Multicultural fair.  First, we needed to pick a country.  After some debate, we decided on Greece.  Next, we needed to construct a plan of attack.  How would we present this information in a not-so-boring way?  We decided that our presentation would have to be very interactive, since we were presenting it to third graders.  Finally, we had to bring all of our hard work full circle.  So, we decided to instruct the students in shot put, demonstrate a Greek dance, and have fun with a game.  The third grader’s favorite part was the game, of course.  I mean, they did get to play tug of war!!

     As the overseer, I saw a great effort of leadership, which was really impressive.  Student’s all planned and participated to be ready for the fair.  On the day of the fair, I sat back and watched as they all came together to play their parts.  I was very proud of them.