October 23, 2014


by Miss Baker


Our Life Science class has been studying the science classification system.  Although unexpected, we have not just studied the textbook to learn about arachnids and insects, but had one of each as pets.

 "FROG," our praying mantis, was hand fed mealworms and crickets.  Her habitat was created in a large aquarium donated by Mr. Zarate.  She looked kind and serene.  We quickly learned that her image was different than her behavior.  Praying mantis are aggressive hunters who can devour toads and sometimes small birds.  They are also known for biting the heads off their mates. 

A wolf spider became our second pet.  It lived in a converted birdhouse so it had room to move and climb. It moved swiftly and could escape its habitat.  This caused a few screams!  (I was worried Mr. Schott's classroom next door would go into lockdown from the noise.)  After learning more about the wolf spider, we realized they are very gentle to keep as pets.  We also learned the praying mantis would be the predator if we put the spider with her.  Also, many other insects and arachnids lay their eggs on its back and then becomes food for the larvae when hatched.  The wolf spider is the largest spider in Nebraska.

 As second quarter begins, we are preparing our next habitat for our amphibian pet, the salamander.  On to new "life" science experiences!