Understanding the Importance of Writing

November 13, 2015

     My name is Dean Wood! Creating a positive educational environment for all students is my main goal as a special education teacher at Lexington High School. One of the important aspects of English that we have been trying to stress is the ability to properly set up an essay. Students need to have the key understandings of what it takes to write the perfect essay. Helping my students understand the concept of graphic organizers to set up a skeleton for their paper is a critical skill that students must master. They have a map that leads them in the direction they must go. Which leads into the creation of the sentences that will be placed in the body paragraphs. The graphic organizer is seen as the map that leads to the treasures and golden sentences. The students receive a packet of different graphic organizers and each one has been explained. Students are able to choose and use the graphic organizer that they feel comfortable with. They all receive a template to make their sentences from the graphic organizers. The template is set up as a chart with the following titles: Name It, Verb It, and Big Picture. They are able to create a sentence that will meet the expectations of students at Lexington High School and any higher educational institution that they may attend.