¿Vamos a acampar? (Are we going to camp)?

January 14, 2016

     Students in Mr. Patocka’s Spanish 3 classes have spent several weeks studying environmental, weather and outdoors-related vocabulary, which has tied in with in-class presentations, conversations and projects on this exciting topic.    This week, students will be finishing out the chapter with a virtual “shopping” trip to the Cabela’s online store, which is now available entirely in Spanish, so that they can create a list of all items needed for the ultimate camping trip.  Using their laptops, Microsoft Office and image editing applications, students are able to identify and create a target-language based list of the items they see as most essential to tackling the great outdoors!

     This week, students working in groups of 2-3 will discuss in Spanish-language conversations, the most important items needed for camping and why.  This conversation also ties in with several advanced grammar topics such as the subjunctive verb tense, a verb tense that can be considered difficult to master from both introductory students and heritage speakers of the Spanish language.