January 12, 2015

     What is wisdom?  People hear that word thrown around all of the time.  Can you get it in school? Kind of, but not totally.  Let’s start with a more simple question - What is knowledge?  Knowledge is being able to readily recall facts, formulas, theories, and procedures.  So how does that translate into wisdom?  To be able to gain wisdom, you have to EARN wisdom.  You have to apply the knowledge earned from books, school, and situations and use it in real life situations.  Some will have good outcomes, while others will be less desirable.  But the constant is that lessons can be learned from each-wisdom can be earned from each.  So now the real question is - How can I earn wisdom?  The first step is EARNING KNOWLEDGE.  Make no mistake about it, knowledge is earned.  Learning is hard work.  If it isn’t hard, then it isn’t learning-it just becomes cumbersome and boring exercise.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn.  Without learning, there is no knowledge.  And without knowledge, one’s life is destined to become a series of repeated gaffes, failures, misjudgments, and mistakes.  Once you have learned a certain set of things, whatever those things may be, it becomes time to put them to work.  Only then is it time to go get some wisdom, correction; go EARN some wisdom.


Mr. Wieseler