A reform of our own

December 5, 2019

Welcome back to room 119!  Western Civilization: The students in Western Civilization have been learning about the protestant reformation. Martin Luther wanted to bring reform to the Catholic Church. Luther came up with a list of 95 Theses or reforms for the church.&nb... Read More

Journalism Students take in the convention, competition and sights in Washington D.C.

December 5, 2019

A jean day fundraiser, a few donations and 67 dozen tamales later, Celia Wightman and Estefani Andrade made their way to Washington, D.C. Day 1: Estefani and Celia and I arrived in D.C. that evening we attended Disney's Newsies at the Arena Stage with a group from Millard W... Read More

Welding at the Skills Armory

December 3, 2019

       Trailers, cabinets, and scooters oh my! This year has been a busy one for the welding department. Our third year students have been working really hard on a number of projects, such as a trailer conversion, a Very large tool cabinet, and quite a fe... Read More

Special Education Enters the Vocational World

November 22, 2019

Co-taught classes (CT) are typically core classes like math, reading, and social studies.  In November, Miss Foster started going to the Skills Armory to assist in the vocational classes.  Welding is a vocational class where many hands-on learners flouris... Read More

From the Sole/Soul Stories

November 20, 2019

by Ms. Carlson On the day before the research paper is due, College English I students relieved stress by writing Sole/Soul Stories. The research paper has been a journey, and no one knows this journey better than the foot or sole. The students wrote from the point of view ... Read More