America’s Involvement in Vietnam

April 3, 2018

       In American History II class, we are currently discussing the events around the world that would cause the United States to enter into Vietnam.  In this unit we will connect the importance of the Vietnam conflict to the Cold War & the Civil Rights movement. We will describe the process of escalation of U.S. involvement in the conflict. We will continue by examining the effects of the Vietnam conflict on American society and the opposing views of the hawks and doves. We will discuss how the media played a role in shaping the public’s opinion of the war. We will finish by explaining the significance of the counterculture on American society. The classes have been actively engaged in the differing political ideas of foreign dictators with our American democracy.  Students have been filling out guided reading assignments, taking detailed notes, and watching video clips over U.S. involvement in Vietnam.  Classes will soon start to examine the effects of the Vietnam War and its impact on the U.S. and its leaders. The students really seem to be enjoying this unit!