December 13, 2016

     First year automotive students are off to a good start. We have learned about hand tools, insurance, buying a car, fixing paint chips and oil changes.  Students just completed disassembling, measuring and reassembling small engines. This is always a highlight of first semester. Many of the students have never seen the inside of an engine or disassembled an engine until nothing was left in the engine block, it can be overwhelming. To reassemble and have it start is a great boost for confidence and teaches them to follow procedures and that they are capable of a lot more than they realized. Second semester we will introduce fuel systems, A/C, cooling, battery, brakes, and exhaust.

      Second year automotive students have completed electrical and are currently studying manual transmissions. We dug into a Ford 5-speed transmission and learned how a synchronizer works to make smooth shifts without grinding gears. We learned there are many different styles of bearings used depending on the load it must carry. Students also learned about clutches, how they work and different types used for trucks, pickups, cars, and high performance vehicles.  Students have completed a variety of projects in the shop such as brakes, transmission removal, engine removal, soldering, and double and bubble flaring. We are currently working on an engine swap in a Chevy pickup. During second semester we will be looking into and working on brakes, suspensions and alignments.

     In the spring, Automotive will hopefully be sending four to six students to the SkillsUSA Nebraska Leadership & Skills Conference that will be held in Grand Island.


Mr. Schmidt