Automotive News

December 10, 2018

Automotive classes have been busy during the first semester. Automotive II students have been working on a 1978 King Cobra Mustang. They replaced the clutch, resealed the transmission and got the engine running after it had been sitting for 10 years. Students had a lot of challenges to overcome with the clutch for the Mustang. The original clutch is no longer being produced, so we ordered a different clutch kit and had the flywheel drilled and tapped for a new clutch pressure plate. They learned that a car sitting for long periods of time could affect several things. They had to drain and clean the fuel tank and fuel lines, replace the fuel pump, and replace rotted carburetor gaskets. But in the end they succeeded in fixing the Mustang to a running, drivable car. 

First year automotive students have been learning about electricity this quarter and are starting to assemble circuits using relays to control heavy amp draw loads. They have also been working on projects in the shop, for example one student has replaced taillights with upgraded LED’s and another student is building a go-cart.