Cruising Through The First Quarter!

September 26, 2017

Boy, how the time is flying by in our classroom!  In American History we have discussed such details as our country's decision to move away from the Articles of Confederation, the forming of our new nation, the construction of the United States Constitution, the first presidents, the War of 1812, and the Jacksonian Era.  In other words, we are moving with a great tempo.  This group of Freshmen has been a very enjoyable group to work with thus far.  In general, they come in focused, determined, and ready with great questions.  I am extremely excited to work with them the rest of the academic year!
In Sociology of the Family, we have spent the first month and a half diving into understanding the functions of our families.  We have talked in great depth about our own families and began to etch what we want our families would look like one day with the skills we have discussed.  The turnout for the number of students in these courses have been extremely high and have been a great honor to work with.
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