CTE Teachers Tour

May 1, 2018

During the last professional development day at Lexington Public Schools a group of teachers from the Career and Technical Education Department toured area businesses. Every year during the spring in-service day the CTE department has been going on business tours to talk with area employers about the skills our students will need to be part of the workforce in our area. This year the tour focused on three area-manufacturing plants, with the goal of learning about the plants themselves and the industry in general to help provide guidance to our students as they prepare for life after leaving Lexington High School. 

We started the day touring Orthman Manufacturing in Lexington where we were shown the new facility and spoke with one of their executives about their facility and potential employment opportunities. Next we were off to Holdrege to tour the BD plant, their Director of Human resources spoke with us about job opportunities and the qualities they look for when considering applicants. In Minden we toured Royal Aerospace, although they are a smaller facility their employees have a different skill set as they are producing components for the aircraft and defense industry.  

Each of these facilities was looking for particular skills and unique requirements for employees. The job opportunities ranged from line work and assembly operations to highly technical skills and positions such as engineers. The one common theme with all of these employers was the lack of qualified applicants in the area and the need to reach a younger population to find and train future employees.