Destination Graduation Team 6 Awarded Top Honors

January 29, 2018

            Lexington High School recently held it’s 2017-2018 Fall Semester “Destination:  Graduation” Academic Pep Rally celebrating student achievement in various areas including extra-curricular participation, perfect attendance, A/B honor roll, all A’s honor roll, “Triple Threats” (extra-curricular participation, perfect attendance, and A/B honor roll), and “Super A’s” (all A’s on weekly grade checks in all classes the entire semester).  Additionally, Destination Graduation (D:G) Academic teams were honored for their outstanding work. 

            At LHS, all homerooms are organized into academic teams of 4 or 5 homerooms composed of a Foundations of Leadership class (9th graders) and Focus classes (10th, 11th and 12th graders).  Earning top honors first semester was the D:G Team “LE6IT” which consists of Ms. Archer’s, Mr. Arias’, Mr. Burson’s, Ms. Jorgenson’s, and Mr. Ward’s homerooms.  This team had the highest average academic grade scores on weekly grade checks for the Fall Semester.  Ms. Archer’s FOL homeroom students led Team 6 to victory with the highest-grade average within this team. 

            To celebrate their success, The Lexington Community Foundation and Lexington High School provided a special luncheon for the winning team members at Kirk’s Restaurant in Lexington, NE.  Additionally, each Team 6 student and leader received “Destination Graduation” Academic Team Leader t-shirts and lanyards.  Congratulations, “Team LE6IT” – Keep up the awesome effort! 

D:G Team 6 students and staff wish to extend a special thank-you to the Lexington Community Foundation, LHS administrators, and the Destination: Graduation Coordinators - Peg Fisher and Annette Fitzgerald - for the fantastic celebration, continued encouragement, support, and positive leadership.