Fables Teach More Than One Lesson

November 6, 2017

            21st Century Literature is a new class this year in which seniors are gaining the skills necessary to be successful in four areas:  communication, collaboration, creative thinking, and critical thinking. 

            Our current unit is focusing specifically on collaboration and creative thinking as students are completing a project about fables.  Students first had to interview their classmates to see who they would “hire” for their groups.  Once placed into groups, they will choose a proverb to become the moral of their story.  Their final project will consist of a written fable, a creative representation of the fable, and a live presentation of the fable.

            This project is stretching students’ imaginations as they are charged with thinking of creative ways to visually display and also present their fables.  While students work with each other to write their fables, create their visual aspect, and practice their presentations, they are gaining valuable communication and collaboration skills.  Students are developing collaboration and leadership skills as they lead each part of the project and work together to create their projects. 

            Completed projects are due next week, and it is exciting to watch the students work together and unleash their creativity.  Each student has something very valuable to contribute to this project and it is my pleasure to help them discover what it is and see them develop that quality.