Final Days of the Year in 21st Century Literature

May 8, 2018

Seniors in 21st Century Literature have spent the last few weeks analyzing different problems in society.  They worked hard to research the cause of these problems and what solutions are being utilized. Students learned that empathy is found at the root of many of the solutions.  When people take the time to listen and understand each other, good things can happen.

To wrap up the year, students created their own TedTalks about a topic that interested them.  We analyzed what makes a good TedTalk, and students worked to incorporate those concepts into their own scripts.  Topics ranged from self-love, to 90s rap, to reading, to the formation of stars. The passion students had for their topic shined, and their personalities added a touch of flair and enjoyment to the presentation.

It was a joy to teach these 21st Century Lit students this year!  I wish them the best of luck as they continue to pursue their excellence in life after high school!