Great Depression’s Impact On America

October 3, 2017

         In American History II class, we are currently discussing how American society was impacted by the Great Depression throughout the 1930’s.  The dire conditions of the Depression caused people to look to the government for help and challenged ideas about the role of government.  In this unit we will deeply examine the cause and effects of the stock market crash in the U.S. We will also the effects of the stock market crash on the U.S. economic, social, and cultural aspects of the American society. The role of both Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt will be discussed in their impact of expanding the control of big government. We will finish by examining President Roosevelt’s relationship with the public, as well as the effect of the New Deal programs..  Students have filled out graphic organizers, took detailed notes, wrote an essay and are watching videos over the events throughout the 1930’s.  

Preston Foster

American History II