¡Hola! Spanish with Mr. Gamero

November 15, 2016

In Advanced Spanish students are learning about the Subjunctive. The advanced classes are capable of understanding this upper level lesson in a short period of time. Students will achieve success with grammar understanding and language proficiency at the end of the unit. Also, for cultural awareness, and communication abilities we are learning about Celia Cruz; a Cuban lady who contributed so much to the Latino music. Students enjoy listening to her Salsa music and the way she saw life with her common phrase “Azucar.” 

In Basic Spanish students are developing their vocabulary enrichment and language learning with a variety of assignments. Students are learning about transportation methods, jobs, house, relatives, etc. Students are aware of the importance of learning a foreign language and become bilinguals. Many of them are thinking about enrolling in a Spanish program when they go to College. 

Our department is communicating efficiently about new ideas we can implement in the classrooms to achieve success in the methodology and instruction to teach a foreign language to our students.