Learning How to Tape and Brace to Keep Athletes in the Race

February 15, 2019

The Intro to Athletic Training class has been learning about the foot and ankle. We began the week learning about the anatomy of the region, and learning about the different sports injuries that can affect the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the area. After the students learned about the anatomy and sports specific injuries, we then did a segment over how to prevent these injuries. Students learned how to apply preventative taping techniques for ankle sprains, turf toe, Achilles tendon strains, and to provide arch support. These preventative taping techniques are great to learn, but inevitable injuries are going to occur, and the students finished the week learning the basics of rehabilitating the foot and lower leg. Students learned about proprioceptive exercises, the benefits of using a Theraband to help strengthen the area, and difference between open and closed kinetic chain exercises. We then did a rehabilitation lab in the athletic training room, where students were required to try out all the different exercises we had just learned about. Students had to pick up marbles with their toes, balance on one leg on an uneven surface, slide a towel across the floor, and trace out the ABC’s in the air, using only their ankle and toes. The interactive portion of this unit seemed to be a favorite amongst the students, and gave them hands on learning experience into how athletic trainers help student recovery every day.