LHS ELL Preparing for Colder Weather

November 5, 2019

Norma Malcom


Happy autumn!  Some days it looks like a beautiful fall day and sometimes we can see winter right around the corner!  If we native Nebraskans are feeling the chill of the winter cold, just imagine how new students from Central America and Africa feel! 

In the ELL classes we have been trying to prepare our students for the coming weather.  We are frequently reminding students that they need to have winter coats and gloves so they will be ready for the freezing temperatures yet to come, but we would also like to ask you to help us.  We need womens’ and mens’ size SMALL or MEDIUM gloves. The gloves do not need to be new. We would gladly accept used gloves that are still in good shape.  

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of this request.