LHS French Classes

August 27, 2018

24 août 2018 

Bienvenue à la classe de français.----

With the beginning of school for the 2018-2019 school year all French classes have been learning some interesting facts about the famous cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. 

Construction started in the year 1163, and took nearly 200 years.  It sits on one of the two islands, Île de la Cité, created by the Seine River, in the middle of Paris.  There is a bell, whose name is Emmanuel, in the south tower.  Emmanuel weighs over 13 tons and was created in 1681. He still rings today and is tolled to mark the hours of the day.  There are 9 other bells in Notre Dame, but Emmanuel is the oldest.  

Bonne Journée des classes de Français,

Madame Reeves