MAP Awards - Academic Pep Rally Spring 2017

May 19, 2017

The following are highlights from the May 3, 2017 LHS Academic Pep Rally concerning MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) score recognition.  

Students, you are not your NWEA MAP scores or your ACT score or any other assessment score.  YOU ARE NOT A TEST SCORE.  Test scores are a tool - a tool to make us a better student, a better teacher, a better school.  Tests can tell us what we know and what we have yet to learn.  Tests are tools to keep our efforts, our coursework and our educational standards rigorous and meaningful. Tests are tools that keep us on track for preparing students academically for life after high school.   Test scores can help us figure out what direction to head that best uses our gifts and talents.  AGAIN, you are not a test score.  Test scores are a tool!

Because thousands of students in schools across this country are taking the NWEA MAP tests, there is enough reliable MAP data to recommend high school coursework placement, correlate a student’s probable scores on the ACT, and predict college/career readiness.

MAP scores are an excellent source of information, a tool that can empower you with the capacity to shape your future.

The award for the MAP Growth Honor Roll recognizes students who met their growth or power goal based on their best ever score – not just better than last time, not just a tie of a previous score, but the projected normed growth from fall to winter. This normed growth can be anywhere from +1 to +14 RIT depending on what the student is ready to learn.  Making the Growth Honor Roll got even more challenging since the fall of 2015 when NWEA adjusted the expected growth norms with four more years of test data gathered from schools across the country.  

Today we congratulate:

198 students who met a growth or power goal in reading.

219 students who met a growth or power goal in math.

80 of these students (28 freshmen, 27 sophomores, 25 juniors) met their growth or power goal in both math and reading.

This year LHS has added a 90+ Club award to recognize students whose MAP RIT scores placed them in the 90th – 99th percentile.  It is very challenging for students with these high scores to increase a previously high RIT score.   The goal for these students will be to continue to increase their RIT scores and maintain their membership in the 90+ Club each test season.

Reading: 15 freshmen, 13 sophomores, 13 juniors                                                                     

Math: 16 freshmen, 23 sophomores, 30 juniors

Seniors who scored a best ever score in the 90-99th percentile in their high school career:

Reading: 18  Math: 29

To all those recognized for meeting your MAP growth or power goal based on a best ever score and/or being a member of the 90+ Club, your self discipline and drive to always do better makes us all better. We are grateful you continue to set the bar high for our school.  Congratulations on your focus and hard work. Use test information as a tool to empower yourselves and shape your best future.   Mrs. Bergstrom – School Librarian and LHS MAP test coordinator