Ms. Klein's Chemistry I Class 2nd Semester 2018

February 12, 2018

Second semester has started off quickly.  Chemistry I students have learned all about chemical equation!  They know how to predict whether or not a reaction would occur, how to write an equation from a sentence, and reviewed how to balance equations.  Students completed the colorful Sunset in a Bag Lab. Then it was on to the most dreaded topic in chemistry:  STOICHIOMETRY.  We spent almost four weeks on this topic learning how to calculate the theoretical yield, finding the limiting reagent, finding how much of the reagent in excess was leftover, and calculating percent yield.  Students completed three labs in labs for this chapter with the most impressive being the Cu-Ag Lab. Many students came out on top and conquered the topic.  We have recently started learning how to calculate the energy associated with phase change.  Feel free to stop in any time to see all the great stuff that is happening in Ms. Klein's Chemistry I Class!!