August 31, 2017



This year in Spanish classes, we have included a new course at the college level: Spanish 5. The class is being offered to our dual language students only. This class focuses on the culture, conversation, and writing of the Spanish language. Students who take Spanish 5 will receive 3 college credits that can be used at any public university in the state of Nebraska.

Currently, the language department offers two college level courses for Spanish and one for French.

The addition of this new course makes our dual language program even more complete, and now it has become a K-12 program.

Also, we have implemented an educational trip to Costa Rica for our students taking Spanish. Students will be able to travel to a Spanish speaking country and learn more about the Hispanic American culture and its heritage. This trip is scheduled for the month of June 2018, and we know it will be a great experience for our high school students.