"Pick a side!"

December 1, 2014

The 2nd quarter has gone by fast thus far, but Mr. Peterson's Social Studies classes have certainly stayed busy.  Recently in our American History classes we have had the opportunity to do more writing based activities.  Students have been learning about Manifest Destiny and having to examine the facts and then pick a side of whether the United States was justified or not in expanding west.  It has been great for our students to learn how to take a side and write their argument supporting that side because it forces the students to search deeper for evidence and think more critically with their writing.  Attached is a picture from a debate we had in our honors class where kids argued their case for or against Manifest Destiny.

 In World History we are finishing up our Renaissance unit by students doing an individual poster project where students get to pick one famous person from the Renaissance, one famous piece of art from the Renaissance, and one primary document to analyze and reflect upon with a poster.