February 22, 2017

In Advanced Spanish I, our students are learning about the Past Subjunctive (imperfecto de subjuntivo). It is a great opportunity for them to develop more fluency with the Spanish language and to become more bilingual, eventually. 

For culture we created a cultural map with information about the main aspects of our students’ backgrounds and heritage. Students draw a variety of components, including: flags, clothing, food, music instruments, and other images of cultural items related to their hometowns. 

In class, we also discussed vocabulary terms that refer to cultural aspects. Some of them include: Diversity, race, ethnicity, heritage, traditions, customs, culinary arts, etc. 

Finally, we are exploring the city of Madrid, Spain. Students are amazed with all the culture and history that Spain has to offer. Many of them are considering traveling to Spain in the future to visit the museums and castles of the city. 


Cultural Map