“To Infinity and Beyond!”-Buzz Lightyear

April 28, 2016

Oh my May! The school year is almost over; however, English class remains constantly unique. As the year continues to pass us by, the juniors continually find themselves reading, writing, analyzing, and even at times, yes I dare say it, having fun!

Many of the texts that we have examined this last semester have challenged students to “learn from conflict,” “examine and break shackles,” “determine the line between appearance and reality,” and absorb “the heart of a hero.” In order to do this effectively, students have had to interpret quotations, identify and explain themes, write reflections, defend their own beliefs, and at times cry or laugh their way to a new appreciation of the power literature can hold over the individual.

In order to achieve this, many different authors and texts have been employed. Authors include; Patrick Henry (“Speech to Virginia Convention”), Bret Harte (“The Outcasts of Poker Flat”), Jack London (“To Build a Fire”), Kate Chopin (“The Story of an Hour”), Plato (“The Allegory of the Cave”), Edgar Allen Poe (“Dream Within a Dream”), Washington Irving (“The Devil and Tom Walker” and “Rip Van Winkle”), Nathaniel Hawthorne (again!), and John Steinbeck (“Leader of the People”). These great American authors wrote revolutionary texts of their time that have continued to teach and inspire throughout centuries—even with social media!

Overall, the simple truth is that both literature and English Class will live on! Find a book, read it, share it, and help continue literature’s fight against extinction!