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Time flew by this quarter! In CTE Ag class, we learned a general and brief overview of major areas in agriculture. Animal science was of focus for this quarter. In class, we fast tracked through the 6 major animal species that included: horses, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, and dairy cows. We covered Nebraska's top 10 crops and the by-products we get from those primary products. Throughout each unit, we learned the history that got us to where we are today in agriculture! 
Students got a hands-on experience with a sensory activity to learn about the different feed ingredients that cattle eat! Students gained an understanding about the different sheep and goatbreeds by creating a project. Each student selected their own sheep or goat breed to learn about. They used the Talkr app to create a talking informational sheep or goat! We will wrap up the end of this quarter by learning about pigs in our swine unit!

May is Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Awareness Month. Let’s talk about teen mental awareness. Teens are halfway between children and adults – they’re still finding themselves and learning to live in their own skin. As a result, it’s common for teens to exhibit unusual behavior such as lashing out, isolating, or making risky decisions. But when does normal teen behavior cross the line into teenage mental health issue? It’s not always easy to tell. Mental illness in adolescence is remarkably common because it is often when symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other conditions first emerge. That’s why it’s important for parents, family members, and loved ones to understand the signs and symptoms of teen depression and mental illness in teens.

Instead of explaining what qualifies as healthy behavior, it may be easier to explain which behaviors indicate teenage mental health issues. If your teen’s behavior wades into the symptoms below, talk to them about what they’re going through or find a trusted adult to take on the task.

*Missing days in school or poor school performance
*Avoids friends or forming a social life            
*No motivation for fun or interesting activities            
*Sleep disturbances including insomnia and nightmares            
*Can’t sit still or focus on a task           
*Seems chronically anxious or worried            
*Lack of energy or oversleeping            
*Bounces between moods of no-energy and hyperactivity
*Self-harm including cutting, picking, burning, biting, or hair-pulling
*Suicidal thoughts or actions            
*Constantly irritable or always reacts in an unreasonable manner            
*Manic and risky behavior such as car races, unsafe sex practices, or dangerous thrill-seeking activities

For more information on teenage mental health, please visit Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute online at https://www.georgetownbehavioral.com/node/1849

Information Technology

The 2018-19 school year was our first year of ipads at Lexington Middle School. Students not only experienced a lighter load in their backpacks (compared to hauling macbooks in the past) but a wide range of tools to demonstrate learning in the classroom.

With a quarter crowded with testing, field trips, and track, collaborating on a news program was a challenge in eighth grade. However, this group of students upped their game in creating news stories by editing interviews, inserting video and images to support storyline and narrating through the use of voice over.

Seventh grade students explored possibilities with augmented reality through an app called AR Makr. Students used images from Keynote to create a 3-dimensional image of the water cycle. We have only just started with the possibilities of this application!

Sixth graders worked to improve their speed and accuracy in keyboarding. They also took a turn at creating a Super Hero movie trailer using the “magic” of green screen and iMovie.


Crazy to think the school year is winding down! We are just finishing our chapter on Japan. The students have loved learning about this amazing and different country. We have covered topics such as capsule hotels, earthquake drills, sumo wrestling, Sakura festivals, tiny Tokyo apartments, and we have also looked at the differences between Japanese schools and LMS. The students were extremely shocked to see that students, not janitors clean the schools this includes bathrooms! They were also shocked to learn that some Japanese classrooms have over 30 students per teacher!


Thanks to Student Council

The end of the year is quickly approaching; there is no time than the present to thank a wonderful group of students at the middle school.  The student council put together two successful American Red Cross blood drives this year.  During the November and February drives the students manned the check-in table greeting donors as they arrived. Their responsibilities also included visiting with donors while they are donating to help pass the time, provide refreshments as the donors were recovering before leaving, cleaning, loading/unloading the supplies, recruiting, and so much more. The donors, American Red Cross coordinator, nurses, and many teachers sang their praises as they worked hard to give back to those in need.  To say the student council was impressive is an understatement.  The drives aren’t able to run without donors and volunteers.  A couple of student council members approached Mrs. Rosner, the middle school sponsor for the blood drives, recently about hosting another drive this summer. Several students have offered to come in during their summer break to continue to give back. Students have opened their eyes and hearts to a need and have gone above and beyond to help those in need. The student council members will be hosting a drive on July 15th.  Please let a member know if you want an appointment. Please consider donating this summer whether at the middle school or elsewhere. 


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