Lexington Middle School


First Month of Spanish Class

In Spanish classes, we spend first week learning a little bit about classmates, our families and ourselves. We were working on speaking and writing about our strengths and weaknesses; what we like and dislike; things we do well and not so well.

This year, students started using iPads instead of computers and, little by little, they are learning about all the possibilities iPads give us to work and, also, they are finding some difficulties on the way. Teachers and students cooperate to solve problems and share findings. Students are eager to help peers and teachers with their discoveries.

In Spanish, we planned this year trying to work without textbook and spending more time working in pair and group activities; speaking and working with i-pads; making use of the new technologies and the multiple choices iPads provide us with. Of course, it depends on students’ good choices to keep doing this kind of activities.

I’ve got this idea of getting rid of the textbook watching videos like the one on the video link below about the acquisition of second languages and speaking the language naturally and not learning grammar rules. https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v%3DillApgaLgGA%26feature%3Dyoutu.be&source=gmail&ust=1537143409023000&usg=AFQjCNE9eV1FC6vUvMdNP9zRLtj27CxJAA

ELL Speech

Do you struggle with confidence when speaking in front of a crowd?  How about speaking in a second language in front of a crowd? English Language Learner speech students have been working on Write Tools writing techniques, writing summaries, reading summaries to assess usefulness, and researching their country of origin.  Students completed a web of researched information, color coded the information, developed a Number Notes outline, and are preparing to write their script for presentations.  Students have used ipads to help them read summaries and complete research, as well as take pictures of each content area to use in their presentation.  We will complete the assignment by finishing our reports, organizing photos, and presenting to the class using speaking skills in the areas of volume, tone, eye contact, and posture. 

What’s Going on in 7th grade Science?

Hello my name is Miss. Carter and I am the seventh grade science teacher on the stars team. I just joined the Lexington team, this year. I graduated from Wayne State College in May 2018. I have a degree in Middle School Education with endorsements in math, science, and coaching.

In science we are beginning with the scientific method. Finding out how scientists’ think and how to apply this in our own lives. We will be applying the scientific method to the Monarch Butterflies unit. Students are going to learn how butterflies impact our lives. Your student will also learn how we can help Monarchs and why helping Monarchs will improve our environment.

We will be doing hands on activities to learn about aquaponics, duckweed, ecosystems, nitrogen cycle, and the carbon cycle. To finish the year we will be doing rocket.

I hope everyone has a great year.

Miss. Carter

Patriot Day

Students on the 8th grade teams finished a unit about the 9/11 tragedy in 2001, now known as Patriot Day.

The event happened before these students were even born but the students realized the importance of being informed about our past and being empathetic to fellow Americans.

Students on the Patriot team worked at learning stations including the following: writing a haiku about the tragedy, determining which dramatic photos touched their hearts and writing about them, putting themselves in the place of young children who were waiting for their parents to return on the fateful day, analyzing patriotic music, listening to animated stories from Story Corps, viewing the current memorials that are in these locations and writing a K9 obituary on a podcast; eulogizing a Search and Rescue dog who had served its country after 9/11.

Ready or Not!

Ready or not another school year has begun!  We welcomed our middle school students back to LMS on August 14, 2018.  You'll be glad to hear that most of our sixth graders have settled into a routine.  They are able to get into their lockers, gather what they need for each class, and get to class on time.  So I would say we are off to a good start.

One thing that might help parents keep kids in a routine at home is to know what their assignments are.  We post our assignments on Edmodo.  It is like an electronic planner.  You can either download the Edmodo app to your phone or go to the following website https://lexschools.edmodo.com.  The next step would be to set up your account by typing in your email address, first and last name, and a password.  Then you can either have your student log into their account on your device and verify their credentials or you can use the parent code to join.  That code can be found on the student's account or you can request it from each teacher.  If you have multiple students you will have to go to the gear at the top of the screen and then add another student.  Edmodo is a wonderful tool that will help you stay informed.  If you would like any help setting this up just call the school and we can set up a time that works for both of us.   

Bully-Proof Your Child

There is no way to guarantee a child will never be bullied.  But there are things you can do to help. Since bullies are less likely to pick on someone who has friends, encourage your child to get to know other students.  Suggest that they join an activity, club, or organization, and encourage them to invite classmates over.  Not only in there safety in numbers, but having friends will build self-esteem, which in turn can discourage bullies from targeting them. Also, talk to your child about bullying.  Tell them that if they are bullied or sees someone else being bullied, they should seek help immediately.  This help could come from a teacher, counselor, principal, or coach.  Let them know that they are not expected to handle this problem alone.


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