Allens Class

March 29, 2012

Hunger Games Premiere!

The 8th grade classes had the opportunity to travel to Kearney to watch The Hunger Games on opening day at the Cinema Eight.   Four busses pulled in on Friday morning and took the 170 or so eighth graders to the movie on opening day of the film. After reading the book, "The Hunger Games", sometime during the year, the 8th grade students were prepped to watch the new blockbuster movie. Upon arrival at the theatre, the kids had the opportunity to purchase a snack at the concessions, and prepared to enjoy the book in the theatre. The boys sat up front, and the girls sat in the back with teachers located around the theatre. The two and a half hour movie was enjoyed by students and teachers alike!

Mr. Allen's reading class had prepared to watch for differences between the film and the book. Back in reading class after the movie, the kids had a great discussion involving the subtle differences the movie depicted compared to how things played out in the book. While most students thought the movie was great, nearly all of the reading class talked about how much they enjoyed the details described in the book more. One student even mentioned how the movie ruined how they had envisioned several characters and places from the book.  

The various themes in the book were all evident in the film, and discussed back in class after we returned.   Amongst the favorite issues brought about in the story that the kids enjoyed was the difficulty of living in a futuristic world with such difficult conditions. The current interest in apocalyptic subjects--being 2012 and all--really seemed to help peak the interest of Mr. Allen's reading class.   The Hunger Games is based on a futuristic country that replaces our current government. The reading class thoroughly enjoyed exploring the challenges faced by young people in an imaginary dismal future. Our reading class even used The Hunger Games as our decorative table at this year's LMS reading banquet, which was the book voted number one by the students of LMS this year!